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FLW Outdoors
The recent California Delta Western FLW Series was originally to be held at Lake Shasta, but low water levels forced a return to the Delta for the season finale.

Before the event began, many in the field noted that locals would have a tremendous advantage, simply because the Delta's a different fishery in fall, and traditionally, circuits visit in spring and early summer.

The local prediction came true. The final Top 10 was dominated by Delta studs, and Delta expert Ish Monroe topped them all.

Monroe weighed 22-plus pounds on day 2, averaged around 16 pounds the other 3 days, and won by a relatively large 6-pound margin.

"It feels good to finally win on the FLW side, considering I've been a two-tour guy for a while," Monroe said. Read More

FLW Outdoors
OAKLEY, Calif. — At 12:30 p.m. on the final day of the last Walmart FLW Series National Guard Western Division tournament of the season, Ishama Monroe had two bass weighing a combined 2 pounds in his livewell.

The Hughson, Calif., pro was an hour and a half away from a possible $125,000 payday, and the situation didn’t look good. He needed a good weight to hold off Mike Reynolds, Mark Tyler, Robert Lee and Bobby Barrack, all of whom were within 8 pounds, a pittance on the California Delta.

So what did Monroe do?

“I sat down, drank an energy drink, relaxed my head, put a couple of rods away and started all over,” said Monroe, whose four-day total of 70 pounds, 6 ounces earned him his first FLW Series win. “I went back to one of my old spots, and it paid off real well.” Read More
FLW Outdoors
OAKLEY, Calif. - As the weather has changed every day since the start of the Walmart FLW National Guard Western Division finale on the California Delta, so too have the anglers atop the leader board.

A warm day one ended with Scott Nielsen of Salt Lake City in first place. A windy day two saw Mike Reynolds of Modesto, Calif. rise to the top. Now, on a cool and windy third day, Ishama Monroe of Hughson, Calif. has claimed the top spot with 53 pounds, 4 ounces, 3 pounds better than his nearest challenger. Monroe has achieved a consistent pattern that’s landing him anywhere from 30 to 50 fish per day. Consensus opinion says will be tough to knock off the angler who calls the Delta home water.

But the Delta being what it is, anything can happen when the fourth and final round gets underway at 7:15 a.m. Saturday. Ten pounds separates first from 10th place, and 10 pounds is just one cast away on the Delta. Read More
FLW Outdoors
OAKLEY, Calif. - Wind seldom is a bass fisherman’s friend. On day two of the Walmart FLW National Guard Western Division tournament the California Delta was an unfriendly place to be.

Winds in excess of 30 mph blew from the north all day, whipping up whitecaps on the Delta’s open water tracts and sending a field of 120 pros and 94 co-anglers in search of protected water. For some that wasn’t bad; that’s where they were fishing from the start. But others junked entire game plans and when that happens the results are seldom good.

Yet just two of the top 32 pros failed to weigh a fish-fish limit Thursday. The heaviest bag of the day, 22 pounds, 6 ounces, was caught by Mike Reynolds and vaulted him from second into first place. The second heaviest bag of the day, 22 pounds, 5 ounces, pushed Ishama Monroe from 13th place into second place. Read More