Best frog fisherman? Rojas or Ish

Admitting they throw gasoline on the fire, Mark Zona and Tommy Sanders reignited the war of words on who is the best frog fisherman in the world.

Zona mentioned he and Sanders both made statements on a Bassmasters show a few years back that Dean Rojas was the top angler with a frog. Not long after, Ish found Zona at an event.

"Ish pulled me aside. 'I need to talk to you. Just FYI, I am,' " Zona said. "And he was not joking."

Well, Rojas was just on LIVE with Dave Mercer, and was asked to respond to that. "He can say whatever he wants," Rojas said, "but I thinkn everybody knows who's No. 1." Rojas was asked, then, who falls behind him.

"I'll give Ish the benefit of the doubt and give him second," he said. "Crochet, probably third." He said there's some other secret frog hammers out there. With that, the LIVE feed went right to Monroe and asked him about who's tops with a frog.

"They ask every single time and they know my answer," Ish said, "so I'm not going to answer."


Monroe gets it done Toledo Bend Day 2

> Day 2: 5, 24-10 (10, 43-09) Monroe made a couple of late culls to boost his bag to day-best status.

"I got lucky at the end," he said. "I was right at 20 pounds when I left my area to go pre-fish and I ended up catching a 4 and a 5 just practicing."

He went through about 15 keepers, the biggest of which was a 7-pounder. He didn't lose any that would've aided his cause.

Like Cherry, he was all alone in his primary locale. He's throwing a River2Sea jig and a Missible Baits creature bait.

"I saw one guy today who was in the same creek I was, but he was nowhere near me, and I saw Matt Herren for a brief moment on day 1 in one of my backup spots. Other than that, there's nobody around."

He thinks he'll need two bags that at least approach the one he caught today in order to have a shot at the win.

"Catching 20 pounds 2 days in a row is possible, but more than that is hard – everything has to go right. If I have 20 tomorrow, I'm going to put the hammer down and try to catch a giant bag.

"I left my area at 11:30 today. If I'd stayed 3 more hours and caught one more big one, who knows ..." Full Story


Missile Baits D Stroyer with Ish Monroe


Catch Bass in More Places with Topwater Frogs


Photo David Brown Whether it’s his tournament marshals or co-anglers in a pro-am, Ish Monroe raises a lot of eyebrows with his fishing success on a topwater hollow-bodied frog, namely his signature series Snagproof Ish’s PHAT Frog. And not so much that he throws a frog; but rather, where he throws it.

Perhaps a simpler answer, and certainly a shorter list, would be where he does not throw the amphibian impostor. If he can reach it—and that’s not always a certainty—Monroe will send his frog there.

The splashing, spitting, walking, gurgling act a frog exhibits mimics multiple entrees on the largemouth bass’s menu.

“The frog imitates so many different types of (forage) for bass, you can go just about anywhere you want with it,” the California pro said. “You can fish it on a bluegill pattern, a crappie pattern, a shad pattern, a duck pattern, a gopher pattern.

“You name it, and the frog can imitate any type of prey that bass want to eat.” Read Full Story