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Two-tour pro Ish Monoe is "okay" with his finish, simply because it shows he's back on track. He had a disastrous home-state campaign the past few weeks with BASS's California swing, but a 7th-place finish here put him back on the right path. And he did it on a single day of practice.

"I told my co-angler today that I think I used up all my luck in '06," he said. "That year I qualified for both championships by one place and won two tournaments. I just think I used it all up.

"A good example is today. I got snagged on a stump and I was trying to pop it off and it wouldn't come. I moved up and looked down and a 4- or 5-pounder was staring at my crank. It I'd had any luck, the crank would have popped off and the fish would have smacked it.

"But I'm okay with the finish because like I said, I knew my mindset in California was wrong, and this has got me back into the mindset of not fishing one event, but a whole season. Championships are what's most important, and you can't win championships if you're not in them." Read More