Photo David Brown Whether it’s his tournament marshals or co-anglers in a pro-am, Ish Monroe raises a lot of eyebrows with his fishing success on a topwater hollow-bodied frog, namely his signature series Snagproof Ish’s PHAT Frog. And not so much that he throws a frog; but rather, where he throws it.

Perhaps a simpler answer, and certainly a shorter list, would be where he does not throw the amphibian impostor. If he can reach it—and that’s not always a certainty—Monroe will send his frog there.

The splashing, spitting, walking, gurgling act a frog exhibits mimics multiple entrees on the largemouth bass’s menu.

“The frog imitates so many different types of (forage) for bass, you can go just about anywhere you want with it,” the California pro said. “You can fish it on a bluegill pattern, a crappie pattern, a shad pattern, a duck pattern, a gopher pattern.

“You name it, and the frog can imitate any type of prey that bass want to eat.” Read Full Story