You don’t hear much about catching giant bass in the fall. This is a tough time. But tough is not the same as impossible. It can be done.

One reason a lot of guys don’t catch a giant is because they’re fishing in the wrong places to catch one. They’re in shallow water catching the bass that are chasing shad. That’s not where the giants are at. And, they’re throwing lures that are way too small.

We’ve talked about this before. If you’re going after big bass, you have to accept the fact that you aren’t going to catch very many of them. If you want to catch a bunch of bass, go back in a creek somewhere and throw a small swimbait, a tiny crankbait or a spinnerbait. You’ll catch plenty, but don’t cry because they’re small.

It’s my theory that the really big bass don’t follow the baitfish in like the smaller ones do. They’re solitary creatures. Giants mostly stay in the same places during the summer, fall and winter. That’s out over deep water. They relate to deep points, breaks, drops and channels. True giants only care about shallow water in the spring and most of that is centered on the spawn. Read More