> Day 2: 5, 23-02 (10, 45-04) Monroe said he put an extra rod in the truck this morning just in case he thought he might need it. Tomorrow, he might bring along a couple other baits that have a tendency to work well at the Delta. If he keeps going like he’s been fishing the first 2 days, though, he won’t need but a couple rods on his deck.

“Realistically, nothing else has worked for me, but my standard-issue stuff,” he said, referring to frogging and flipping patterns.

He changed nothing about his approach or strategy today and went through the same areas he fished Thursday.

“I fished the same way and I’m just fishing what’s in front of me,” he said. “The good thing was today I didn’t lose any.

“The area I’m in has the right kind of grass and the right kind of cheese mats and it’s an area they live in. It’s not that they come to this area. They live there all year long and you can catch fish there 12 months out of the year.”
He went through about 10 keepers today, but the only number that matters to him this week is 5.

“It’s the California Delta and if you fish for five big ones, you’re probably going to end up with an average limit of 13 to 14 pounds,” he said. “You will get that big bite just fishing around and if you put two in the boat, all the better. You might have a bad day fishing like that, but more times than not, when you fish for five big ones you have an opportunity to weigh in a big bag.”

Ish Monroe believes he's around the caliber of fish that could carry him to a win this week.He thinks the other Delta veterans ahead of him share the same mindset.

“These are all Delta guys and I guarantee you that Aaron’s fishing for big ones,” he added. “He might have a fairy wand in his hand or a dropshot, but he’s fishing for big ones.

"We’re not out there throwing a crank or spinnerbait or a ChatterBait trying to mix in limit fish. We’re fishing for 5 big ones.” Read More