One of the real perks of this job is rubbing elbows with the Tour pros. While I find myself included in many competitive circles in my own right, I love hearing the inside scoop from the best in the business. The level to which these guys take this sport fascinates me daily.

Many of you commented about the series I did on Michael Simonton, and the struggles he's endured in trying to establish himself on Tour. This week and next, we’re going to look into a polar opposite character in every sense of the word as we’re delving deep into one of bass fishing’s most unique characters: Ish Monroe.

I’ve always been a fan of Ish. Nowadays, I love the fact that he takes power fishing to the extreme no matter what body of water he’s on, certain of his domination at each event.

Back at the start of his career, I admired his confidence and enthusiasm for all things involved in bass tournament competition. He propelled himself into the sport’s top tier through tournament performance, an incredibly grueling schedule, and some of the best promoting and marketing in the business. He did it all in the face of long odds as a kid from California, throwing everything in the ring and going for it. Complete Story